Take No More - Scenes from the novel

Seb Kirby Take No More Borough Market photo 1

Seb Kirby Take No More Borough Market photo 2

Seb Kirby Take No More Borough Market photo 4

I started writing 'Take No More' back in 2008 and had most of the locations and actions worked out before setting out to take photographs in 2009.

That's because when you write, you draw on favorite places, and London (South Bank / Borough Market), Florence and Venice, where the action in the novel is set, have been favorites for some time.

So, when I returned to these places in 2009 and started to use a camera (a little Panasonic DMC-FX35) I was thinking of what the characters in the book would be seeing as the action unfolds and documenting that.

I'm not so much a photographer as a happy snapper. I walk and look and snap and try to capture scenes and events as rapidly as possible. I must have taken about 400 shots on the Florence trip alone. The photos here are a selection from those.

The idea here is to use these pictures (and some more from Venice and London that I haven't found yet) here and add to them relevant sections from the book, to illustrate the background of 'Take No More'.

Scene 1 - Borough Market

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Anonymous said...

Great idea Seb! Thanks for sharing.

Thea Atkinson said...

very cool idea, Seb! I'm thinking of doing something similar with my writing soundtrack.

It's really neat to see these images. they'll be great mental companions to the book

Sibel Hodge said...

Great pics! :)

Tracy said...


I'm currently reading "Take No More." I'm almost done with it and have enjoyed it so much. While the pictures would be nice it might just be better to let readers draw on their imagination. I like the photos but they might have distracted me from your prose while I was reading. Just a thought.

Hemraj said...

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