Background on DOUBLE BIND

Seb Kirby – Double Bind cover

In the writing, a number of themes that underly the story emerged and continue to evolve. Here is a virtual notice board that points to some perspectives on those themes:

Alan Turing Anniversary sunflower project

Join the Alan Turing Anniversary sunflower project. Details are here

Background on Alan Turing is here and here

The finite planet

The next 10 years will be very unlike the last 10 years

First habitable-zone super-Earth discovered in orbit around a Sun-like star

Kepler-22 claimed as first habitable earth-like planet. And it's only 600 light years away!

Alan Boss: "This discovery supports the growing belief that we live in a universe crowded with life. Kepler is on the verge of determining the actual abundance of habitable, Earth-like planets in our galaxy."

Details are here.

Richard Feynman and The Connection Machine

Richard Feynman image

'The Game of Life is an example of a class of computations that interested Feynman called [cellular automata]. Like many physicists who had spent their lives going to successively lower and lower levels of atomic detail, Feynman often wondered what was at the bottom. One possible answer was a cellular automaton....'

Details are here

John Conway Talks About the Game of Life

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